Customer Service Showcase: Leila Banks

CS_Showcase_FinalIntroducing this month’s star, Leila Banks!

Leila Banks knows customer service like the back of her hand. At age 16, she began working in retail and eventually worked her way up from a part-time employee to assistant manager. From there, Leila worked in customer service for a medical instruments company, a retail store, and a beauty supplies company.

In 2005, Leila learned of a job opening at ClearVision. Interestingly enough, CVO’s headquarters formerly housed a company she had worked for previously! When she arrived home from her first interview, she already had a message waiting on her answering machine asking her to come back for another meeting. Leila was thrilled when she was offered a position in Order Processing. “From the beginning, I sensed loyalty and a family oriented atmosphere,” she says.

Since shifting to customer service, Leila’s everyday duties include answering customers’ phone calls, assisting the credit department in the distribution center, and serving as a liaison between customer service and the return department. She also follows up with customers to make sure their issues were resolved. “They appreciate that, and I like to hear the customer smile on the other end,” she says. “It’s all about satisfying the customer so they can be happy and the patient can be happy.”

For Leila, the best part about working at ClearVision is the positivity. “We are like a family, and the majority of my team has been with the company at least five years,” she says. “There is always someone there if you need assistance. Everyone is willing to help.”

According to Leila, one thing’s for certain: ClearVision is unlike any other workplace out there. “Between the little gifts we receive, employee events, and family outings, I don’t know any other company that treats the employees the way that ClearVision does.”

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