PD Kitchen

Welcome to the PD Kitchen!  It’s the place where ideas get blended together.

As our holiday creations come out of the oven, we ask you to think of your eyewear as part of the outfit as you’re dressing up for the holidays.   Perhaps you are thinking about a little self giving.  (I bought myself a couple of presents already…don’t tell my husband!)

We put a lot of effort into making ourselves look younger by coloring our hair, applying the latest cream and trying new clothes. Did you know your eyewear can change your entire look?  Don’t buy the same style you are already wearing.  Try something new!  (I’m not just saying it because it is my job to get you to buy the newest!) Now is the time to try a flat metal or acetate frame!  Why? Flat metal and acetate frames are thicker and therefore make the natural lines around your eyes bolder.  If you are trying to disguise under eye “luggage,” select a slightly deeper eye shape to be sure the bottom of the eye shape is hiding it.

Reach for the color!  Did you know reds and purples pull out the natural blush of your cheeks and enhance the color of your skin and hair?  Aubergine, eggplant, oxblood, burgundy and merlot are not just the latest fashion statements, they are beauty enhancing.  “Salt and pepper” hair color can be very distinguishing on a man, so why not try black and tortoise to play up the “pepper?”

Just a few things as we are cooking away in our kitchen, to help you look your best, be comfortable in your eyewear and of course complement your prescription lens!

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