Eyedea’s in Marketing

Sheila Haile

On a recent walk through NYC, I became very inspired by the spirit of the season.  Watching the scenes, the people and the tourists is always a source of inspiration for me. The streets of NY are alive with bright lights and creativity. And the importance of grabbing a consumer’s attention is never more important than it is in NYC during the holidays!

I had planned on writing my first blog post on social media….but, driven by the spirit of the season, I will focus on VISUAL MERCHANDSING!

To get you inspired by this seasons window winners, below are some ideas to keep you ahead of the curve. Also included are several visuals that can give you a jump start into creating inspired window displays of your own.

Ideas for Visual Merchandising:

A vast array of themes can keep your windows interesting all year.  Come up with several ideas per year and approach them differently each time.  Don’t rely just on the seasons…use what’s around you for inspiration: fall foliage, Mother’s Day, winter solstice, teachers’ day, Mardi Gras and more! Using themes gives you a creative basis to build your window around. Get known in your town as the office with the coolest windows!

Use new and different tools such as paper, balloons (love the balloon animals in the Anthropologie sample shots) paper mache, plastic, clear cellophane, toys (very cool old fashioned car used in one visual example). These can be found, recycled or purchased easily and are readily available.

Need ideas?
-Create a sense of nostalgia and show retro men’s frames with old fashioned toys!
-For a kids’ promotion, build an animal menagerie with balloon animals of all different colors
-For April, use the financial section of the newspaper and layer big cut out numbers over it, while showcasing serious frames in the spirit of everyone’s favorite time of year (tax season)

Set the Mood with Your Windows
Do you want to have fun, create excitement or create some romance around Valentine’s Day?  Use your window as an entree into a sale, event or a brand focus you are planning.  Windows are incredibly valuable merchandising territory!

Need ideas?
-Use model shots cut to full or life size for a brand launch
-Make oversize print outs of your favorite fashion magazine covers…people walking by will know something fashionable is about to happen!
-Use an oversize calendar in your window –Really Oversize!!!  Cross off the days as they go by to indicate a count down to your event (indicate your event day in bright red or yellow)

Appeal to the Senses
Great merchandising appeals to more than the eyes. Consider how your store sounds, smells and even feels. You are indirectly sending a message with your selection of textures, sounds and scents. Soft fuzzy fabric creates a sense of warmth….coupled with a vanilla candle and classical music ..…perfect for the winter months!

Show Them How It Will Look
Use your displays to show customers how the merchandise will look on them by using  mirrors, mannequins, or cut out faces. Consumers like to shop in stores where they feel comfortable…letting them see themselves in your windows is one way to create that sense.

Group by category
Display merchandise from several categories that all share the same theme. For example, create a display with a desktop, folders, pens,  even a computer. Place cool, cutting-edge frames with the display to showcase an environment that would appeal to the consumer.  Or create a women’s “boudoir” and showcase romantic, delicate women’s frames. (you can use paint for this on a large roll of paper obtained from the arts and crafts store…its like getting in touch with your inner teacher!)

Don’t Be Afraid of Color
Color pops and captures the customer’s attention. Think of The Gap here…Create a black and white display and showcase red frames. From afar, consumers will see there is something “red” going on!

Integrate Motion and light
People love new technology and are continually fascinated by things that move!

Need ideas?
- Use a cool light or glow lamp from the kids store in your window
-A well-placed spotlight to draw attention to key pieces of merchandise. Barneys used lighting and computer images this year in their windows (see sample shots).
-Use movement when you can:  from clocks to toys to music boxes simply tying some ribbons to a small oscillating fan can add motion and interest—and suggest an aura of summer fun

Remember the rules of depth and perception.  (Things in front smaller, things bigger in back)  Grouping items in similar categories works: tall, taller, tallest to create interest and draw the viewer into the display. Use boxes, books or shelves to create space and depth!

Enjoy these ideas and be inspired for a wonderful 2013!  More next year on Pinterest for business, mobile technology that is coming your way, and more!




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