Customer Service Showcase: Robby Foster

Meet this month’s “star” of our Customer Service Showcase, Robby Foster! As a new employee and student, Robby provides a fresh perspective on working in the Customer Care department.

CS_Showcase_Final In the past several years, ClearVision has gained new customers, new products and brands, and new employees. Robby Foster, a customer care associate, is one of the most recent additions to the CVO family. He joined ClearVision in April after working at an oil company as a customer service representative. Robby certainly knows the meaning of the saying, “when one door closes, another opens.” He says, “I enjoyed my previous job, but I was able to find something even better here at ClearVision.”

During his interview with Natel Fagan, Manager of Customer Service, Robby knew ClearVision would be a great match for him. Natel made his interview feel like a relaxed conversation, which put him at ease. Robby could tell that ClearVision treated its employees in a special way.

Robby is involved in several aspects of customer service, from answering incoming calls to providing additional support for fax and email orders. He especially enjoys the team atmosphere in the customer service department, as well as the unique company culture. “I feel like the Friedfelds really care about the employees. Rather than just saying it, they prove it to us every day.”

Robby appreciates ClearVision’s efforts to let all employees voice their questions, concerns, and ideas. “Whether it be through the anonymous company survey or the monthly town hall meetings, employees have many outlets to speak out. You can respond and share your opinions in a way that is comfortable for you.”

The most rewarding experience so far for Robby was when a customer called Natel to specifically say how well he handled her order. “I treat everyone with courtesy, so it made me feel good that she noticed my efforts and went out of her way to say what a good job I did.”

Robby is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in psychology at a local college. After graduating, he will attend graduate school for mental health counseling. He enjoys taking what he’s learning in the classroom and applying it to real-world situations. “My psychology courses taught me how to treat people. Similar to customer service, you see that each individual is different because of how their environment has shaped them, so you must handle every person’s issues differently.”

Glad to have you aboard, Robby!


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