SPECtacular Sightings: Matte Attack

The New Years Eve glitter and glam conversation was so last year – ok, it was a few days ago and I can admit is a permanent fashion staple.  However, it’s 2013 and we’ve seen many trends come and go but there is another one that has carried over into this New Year that I suspect is here to stay: Matte Finish.  The classic finish trend, with a futuristic twist, has been spotted on everything from makeup to eyewear to nail polish to jewelry to apparel.  The Matte Attack, as I’ll call it, seems to be taking the accessory and fashion world by storm and is combining classic styles with fashion forward pieces to create a modern but retro look.

Is that even possible?  Yes, and following is how you can include this radically infused look into your daily ensembles:

Frame of Matte: Let’s face it (pun intended) the eyewear industry doesn’t fall behind when it comes to being on trend.  This spring, Cole Haan will debut its overly matte finish frames that will spruce up any look and that can be worn from day to night.  The Cole Haan 1011 extra matte electric anodized quality frames are available in three contemporary colors – black cobalt, purple – and are sure to add a little spice into your life.

Pucker Matte:  A bold red lip looks even more sophisticated and classy when it has a matte finish, not to mention it lasts longer than the typical lip gloss.  A-list celebs and on-the-street trendsetters alike can be caught sporting this finish on their smoochers this season.

MATTEATTACK (2)She’s All Matte:  Want to be edgy but do it in a minimalist way? Then matte nails are perfect choice.  Don your fingertips with the season’s matte finish colors and enjoy clean, shine-free results that will still be a crowd pleaser.

AccesoMATTE:  Accessories are flooding social media pages, specifically Instagram, where users have even coined names such as “arm candy” or “arm party” when describing the pieces worn on ones wrist.  Additionally, velvety dry-down finish add-ons found on iPhone cases for example and muted elements are popping up on earrings, rings and on pretty much everything else.  Matte is where it’s at and fashionistas everywhere are even mixing textures with a matte finish to complete their stylish looks.

What do you all think of the “Matte Attack” trend?  What are your favorite pieces?

Until next time,
A-li-da (Almonte), the fashion follower

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