Intern Musings: Habits for a Productive Work Week

Intern PhotoIt’s no secret that the things you do outside of the office affect your productivity when you’re at work. Below are a few things that have helped me stay on top of my game when I’m in the office and classroom.

 1.     Exercise (preferably in the a.m.): Between interning in the morning, classes in the afternoon, and studying in the evening, the only time I can get to the gym is right after I wake up. Nevertheless, I’ve always been a big advocate for exercising in the morning. Besides giving you the satisfaction of knowing it’s done with before you even start your work, early exercise will set the tone for your day. You’ll notice a significant difference in your alertness and energy level, no caffeine needed. You know that “on a roll” feeling? Yep, exercise can help you achieve it. Plus, early activity will put you in a healthy mindset for the remainder of the day.

 2.     Always be open to networking: Going against all rules in the parent handbook, my mom used to actually encourage me to talk to strangers. She would say, “You never know who you’ll meet or what opportunities might arise out of a little friendly conversation.” Now that I’m starting out in the business world, this is something I keep in mind every day. I’ve networked in quite a few unconventional ways: mini-golfing, getting a haircut, talking to a waitress, dressed as a pirate at a Halloween party. These were all random meetings that actually proved to be beneficial connections.

 3.     Stay on top of your industry news: If you love to read like me, browsing some articles on the internet is helpful and enjoyable (I especially love to “study” fashion blogs). I recommend having LinkedIn Today, top content from the industries you choose to follow, delivered to you every Friday. You’ll learn about top trends, business advice, new products and companies. Also, some great options for small businesses are and Regularly keeping up with industry buzz will help you learn about new opportunities and make better decisions.

 4.    Don’t skip your lunch break: ClearVision has a pretty strict “no eating at your desk” rule, which I think more companies should enforce. Not only does it give you a chance to relax and clear your mind, but it’s also important to spend some time socializing with your coworkers. During the summertime, the interns would eat together every day outside on the picnic bench. Sometimes we would even plan lunches out or get frozen yogurt. ClearVision also has a very competitive walking club, and you can always see employees walking around the building during the warmer months. Whatever you do, you’ll come back to your desk feeling refreshed, motivated, and in a great mood.

What are some things you do to stay productive? I’d like to hear your tips!


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