Customer Service Showcase: Johanna Delissio

This month, the customer service spotlight shines on Johanna Delissio!  

CSSSliderFor Customer Care Associate Johanna Delissio, interacting with customers is what she knows and loves. Johanna has been in an office environment since she was 19 year old, working in a call center at another small Long Island business before finding ClearVision. In just one month from today, Johanna will celebrate her nine year anniversary as a ClearVision employee!

During those nine years, Johanna has seen the Customer Care department evolve. In addition to mail, fax, and call-in orders, Johanna has witnessed the increasing dependence on computers and email. “We all grew a lot, even in the computer world,” she reflects.

Today, Johanna’s responsibilities also include assisting buying groups; working alongside the accounting department; completing customer statements and shipping manifest; and calling new customers. She enjoys introducing herself to new customers and welcoming them to the company. “Yesterday, I called a new customer and she said, ‘I love my rep. I love the brands. The frames are flying off the board!’ People appreciate the calls.”

Johanna especially loves the relationships she has built with the customers. “You become like a friend because you talk to the customers on a regular basis. You start to recognize each other’s voices. It’s like a long-distance friend.”

Her favorite part about working at ClearVision is the close-knit environment. “We are all one big family. The executives and HR always say their doors are wide open. It’s a fun, relaxed, and upbeat atmosphere. It’s my home away from home.”

Johanna also appreciates that employees are able to voice their opinions. Several years ago, the Customer Care department pitched an idea to the executives that would allow for late shifts, thereby extending hours for the West coast. The employees spoke, ClearVision listened, and Johanna has directly benefited from the new work schedule.

“Thinking about all the companies I worked for, when I finally came here, I felt like this was it. This is my home. This is where I’d like to remain. They take great care of us.”

Join us in wishing Johanna a happy 9th anniversary with ClearVision!


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