Intern Musings: What Super Bowl Ads Teach Us About Small Biz Marketing

Intern PhotoFor advertising lovers like myself, there is no day we anticipate more than the Super Bowl. I was especially pumped for this year’s crop of ads after learning 30-second spots were going for $4 million a pop! There were many attention-grabbing gems this year. I vote Jeep’s salute to U.S. troops as #1 heartstring tugger and Samsung’s ad starring Seth Rogan, Paul Rudd, and LeBron James as most hilarious. With that said, I think the Super Bowl commercials can teach us a few valuable lessons about small business marketing. Here’s how to take the techniques used in this year’s commercials and apply them to your optical practice:

  • Be your own spokesperson: You don’t need Amy Poehler, Jared the Subway guy, Danica Patrick, or The Rock to promote your practice – who could be a better spokesperson than you! Let your awards, degrees, specialties, and years in the business speak for itself. These honors will establish credibility for your business, help forge a personal relationship with your community, and will set you apart from the competition. Consider creating an advertorial where you provide eye care tips or explain the different types of lenses available. It’s a win-win: your readers will receive new information, and you’ll position yourself as the expert.
  • Promote in effective venues: Chips, beer, and soda go hand in hand with Super Bowl parties, so it’s no wonder we saw so many Bud Light, Doritos, and Pepsi ads. Make sure your message is right where your potential customers are. Here are some suggestions: create a deal on Groupon, submit a press release to your town’s newspaper or page, offer a deal in a local coupon book, create a business profile on review sites such as Yelp and Yahoo! Local Listings, advertise in nearby restaurant menus, cross promote with a local business in your shopping center, offer a free class on vision care at your local library, or sponsor a local team, event, or organization.
  • Have a call to action: There were tons of Twitter hashtags featured in the commercials this year: #BraveryWins (Audi), #WishGranted (Toyota), #MiracleStain (Tide). Oreo ended its ad with “Choose your side on Instagram @Oreo.” Pepsi NEXT told viewers, “First million try it for free at” Always end your message by instructing your audience to do something extra. This will keep your message going strong! Direct customers to your website, link to your social media site, or have them continue reading more by visiting your blog.

- Amanda

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