Why Specialty Fit?

Are your customers “hard to fit?”

Take a good look at them. I’m sure it’s not difficult to see the diversity. Some have small faces, some have large faces. Some have low nose bridges, and some have a flatter facial structure.

The bottom line is that no two faces are alike. Add the cultural diversity of the U.S. into the mix and you’ll see a population that is representative of many different faces and facial features.

And sometimes, certain facial features make it difficult to find eyewear that fits.

So why should we limit eyewear to only one or two different fits? After all, properly fitting eyewear can help your customers see better.

Check out ClearVision’s Specialty Fit collections, offering the widest range of frame fits for just about every unique fitting need.

Specialty Fit collections feature 5 different fits for men, women, and your smallest customers.

Because eyewear shouldn’t be “one size fits all.”

Tell us about the fitting needs of your practice!

Rachel Rodriguez

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