Customer Service Showcase: Renee Brady


Meet this month’s customer service star, Renee Brady! 

CS_Showcase_FinalRenee Brady’s profession was always more of a calling than a choice. Most of her career has been spent working in customer service departments, and she loves being able to interact with customers. Renee dabbled in sales but found herself coming back to her passion. “Customer service is something you either have an aptitude for or you don’t. I always seemed to work myself into this area,” says Renee.

Four years ago, Renee was approached by a recruiter at a job fair. He said he knew of a position that would be her perfect match. The company just happened to be ClearVision. Renee was instantly attracted to its culture and philosophy. Coming from a very large company, she found it refreshing to see ClearVision’s personal attention to both customers and employees.

Renee enjoys putting her problem solving and people skills to work. Every day involves different tasks including taking frame orders, answering questions about products, offering suggestions, and assisting with the RX Express program. Renee especially loves getting to know the customers. “There are people you talk to nearly every day,” Renee says. “Just by their voice you know who they are. After so many years, you really do establish a relationship with them.”

Renee and the customer service team are willing to go above and beyond to meet customer’s needs. One of Renee’s favorite stories is about a military solider who broke his glasses right before being deployed. “We took his order and found the frame right away,” she says. “The Distribution Center was able to deliver it to him the next day so that he had his glasses before he left.”

Nothing is more rewarding to Renee than when a customer shares his or her appreciation. “They say we are the only company that goes the extra mile and helps them help their patients,” she says. “I remember that the voice on the phone is an actual person, and I just want to give them the service I would hope for, too.”

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