Intern Musings: Saying Yes

“Coming from a place of yes is about getting right down to business. It’s active, not passive. Yes gives you something to do: a mission, a purpose, a goal.”


Intern PhotoThis is an excerpt from Bethenny Frankel’s “A Place of Yes,” a guide for pursuing your goals with drive and authenticity. Yes, she is a reality TV star (I’m a Housewives fanatic), but Bethenny is first and foremost a businesswoman who went from broke to booming. As a talk show host, bestselling author, and founder of a multi-million dollar brand, she’s taught me a few valuable lessons about entrepreneurship, finding your niche, and being daring.

At a recent intern meeting, we were asked to share the most important thing we learned at ClearVision thus far. I immediately thought back to this book. For me, it’s been saying “yes” to new challenges and opportunities. Before this internship, I never worked on a blog, been to a sales meeting, or had even known what a white paper was, let alone write one. I say yes to joining meetings, assisting other departments with projects, and sitting with new people in the lunch room.

Realizing that I can tackle challenges at my internship has given me extra confidence to try new things at school and in my personal life, too. I volunteer to be the leader of group projects, I accept nearly every invitation I receive, and I’m trying my hand at new hobbies.

It’s true. Saying yes to new things can feel uncomfortable or downright terrifying. But looking back, the majority of my greatest accomplishments came as a result of taking a gamble. With much of 2013 still in front of me, I’m excited to see what I’ll take on this year!

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