Sheila’s “Eyedeas” in Marketing

The Big Picture of Content
Sheila Haile, Manager Marketing and Creative Services, ClearVision Optical

I am a big fan of magazines. One of the magazines I read with equal levels of anxiety and fascination is Entrepreneur. I often end up turning over the corner of several articles, and passing on relevant articles to others.

Recently, I read a great article about content marketing. As we know, social media is growing. It’s not just social media anymore. Its social marketing, content management, idea sharing, social engagement.  Content, we have been told, is king. But for some, what content actually is and how to create  good content is not always clear.  Here are some thoughts about content, inspired by big brand and Entrepreneur:

Red Bull recently engineered a free fall, filmed and streamed live on YouTube. The stunt was seen by jillions of young people who love this kinda stuff. Just the kind of customer Red Bull is looking for. What’s the lesson?  It’s about coming up with innovative ways that your particular audience is interested in. Young people really are interested in watching a free fall!  And yet it has nothing to do with drinking a beverage.

The long term commitment: yikes. That’s scary. How do we get people to commit to us long term?  By our being in it for the long term.  When you are developing content — whether it be for your Facebook page, Twitter feed, or blog, think about what your customers will want to hear about over time. Give them several “voices” (or authors) that can provide them with interesting things to read, see or hear about.  That’s what keeps them coming back.

The content manager: this is a new term that did not exist years ago. Who are these magical content managers? Effectively, they are the storytellers. They are writers, creatives, and marketers who are creating the story that your customer wants to be part of. Think about the magazine I read on a flight; why do I want to read it? Because I know there will be content I care about in it. It’s the same thing with your social platforms: if you post relevant content, you are creating a following your readers will trust, and keep looking for.

What’s your story: Marketers call this many things: the differentiating factor, the value proposition, the unique selling proposition. It’s all the same thing. What makes you different and why should I care?  Figure out “what you want to be when you grow up” and stick with it. Clearly communicating what makes you unique helps position you for long term success. Social is the perfect way to communicate that because you can do it with pictures, words or video.

Think big picture: Content is a great way to express your bigger picture. The big brands do it well: Nike is about motivation and inspiration. Google is about how technology connects us, and Starbucks is about our community.  Think about it? What’s YOUR big picture? Social content can help you express it.

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