Trade Show Trends for 2013!

I admit I can’t wait to receive my next issues of BizBash, Successful Meetings, Travel and Leisure and the countless other magazines I receive each month! I love reading about events and learning how I can incorporate the latest tips and trends into the events I am planning. The events industry is growing in so many ways, especially with how professionals are using social media platforms to engage attendees at trade shows.

In 2013, you will continue to see companies using a lot of the same trends at trade shows as in 2012, but with a greater emphasis on integrating technology into their exhibits. Also, companies will work harder to create conversations at trade shows that will engage their target consumer on a more personal level.

Meeting professionals have numerous tools for increasing engagement at their disposal. People are becoming more and more connected through social media and mobile devices. There is no shortage on ways to reach audiences. The only thing is, everybody else is using the same tools — and audiences are overloaded!

As a meeting professional, one of the challenges I face is aligning our company’s social media outreach with our in-person marketing efforts. Trade shows are a great stage to get audiences focused and are no longer one-off affairs. These shows are now a starting point for companies. It’s not just about giving away free stuff, but creating an experience that engages followers. Marketing strategies are shifting more heavily toward trade shows and events as catalysts for conversations.

The key is making your event a personal and memorable experience that someone will write a post or tweet about after the show.

How will you make your booth standout at your next trade show?

Elizabeth Szczerba

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