Customer Service Showcase: Galaxina Munoz

Meet this month’s star: Galaxina Munoz!  

CS_Showcase_FinalEvery position Galaxina Munoz has held has been in some form of customer service. Now one of ClearVision’s customer care associates, Galaxina started working at age 14 when a former principal asked her to assist with school dances and phone duties. She later worked at a golf course and as a waitress, which she describes as full-blown customer service. “Overall, my goal was to treat customers how I would want to be treated,” she says.

Her position at ClearVision makes for her first time on an official customer service team. Her responsibilities are many, and include taking customer calls, handling issues, scheduling meetings and trainings for her department, working on the RX Express program, and occasionally assisting various departments. Galaxina additionally serves as Natel Fagan’s backup, handling whatever she can do to lessen her workload.

“My favorite part about working here is that I am able to play with my own ideas and come up with things to improve the day to day activities,” says Galaxina.  “I like to have a say in what goes on, and  that I get to handle a project however I see fit. I am given a guideline, and I can go about it however I’d like.”

Furthermore, Galaxina loves the friendly competitions between departments, such as the food and clothes drives that were held last year. “On top of donating, which was something positive, we got creative. It was an opportunity to show our creativity and learn about our coworkers’ talents that we don’t get to see every day,” she says.

Galaxina especially enjoys the friendships she has formed with customers. “Most of the time we have customers who call daily,” she says. “You build a relationship without even realizing. One day you are taking an order and the next day they are telling you they have a new granddaughter, or they like chocolate. Customers remember your name, they remember your voice, and the relationship just comes naturally.”

For Galaxina, the Customer Care department is more than just phone orders. “When people think of customer service, they think ‘call taker,’” she says. “That’s not what we are at ClearVision. We are the heart of the company. We are the first person customers speak to, and we set the tone. We are giving them more than what they pay for – it’s the whole experience.”


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