Customer Service Showcase

We’ve been told that we provide excellent customer service… now you can meet our team! Introducing our new Customer Service Showcase! Each month, we’ll profile a member of our Customer Care team, so you can feel even more connected to our fantastic, friendly employees. Now, meet the “star” of our debut:

This month’s “star” is: Karen Myles!

Karen Myles didn’t begin her career in customer service, but several years ago, a change in her career path gave her the chance to reinvent herself as a professional. Karen has now been with ClearVision’s customer service department for nine years.

Not surprisingly, Karen’s favorite part of her day is working with customers to meet their needs. “It’s nice being able to help them,” she says. “Without customers, we wouldn’t be here. I like solving their problems and going above and beyond for them. I pride myself in that.”

As Karen puts it, she helps customers any way and every way. Karen takes phone calls, assists with orders, and solves any dilemmas that arise. “Sometimes you play spy to find out what the issue is and how to solve it,” she says.

One of Karen’s major responsibilities is working with the different sales programs. In particular, she is the “go-to” person for the hundreds of accounts that participate in the RX Express program. “I’m the helping hand for the sales reps. The RX Express accounts like that there is someone else besides their sales rep to contact when they need something.”

Although ClearVision is a B2B company, Karen has also been given responsibility to assist consumers. If a consumer calls in looking for a particular frame, Karen will direct them to a store in their area that carries it.

Karen’s favorite part about ClearVision is working alongside the internal customers – the employees – to solve problems. She frequently works with the Credits, Product, and Accounting departments. Karen loves that everyone here is willing to help one another out. “There is no ‘I’ in team. We all work well together. There is always support, someone you can go to.”

Karen especially enjoys the atmosphere at CVO. Seeing Fred and Mimi Friedfeld around the office always brightens her day. “It’s a family-run business so they do a lot for the employees, which I am grateful for,” she says. Karen believes ClearVision is a truly unique workplace, from its extensive philanthropy outreach to the employee “Kudos” awards.

The most rewarding experience for Karen was when a customer called asking for a particular frame that was discontinued. “I looked through the current catalog to help him find a comparable frame he would like. He said, ‘Wow, no other company would do that for me.’ The customers are very grateful.”

Karen also loves to receive positive testimonials from customers in reference to the RX Express Program. “It makes me feel fabulous. It’s nice to feel special,” she says.

Thank you for your dedication, Karen!

Val Libasci – ClearVision’s Unofficial “Director of First Impressions”

“Whatever you’re doing, bring your best self,” says Val Libasci, ClearVision’s unofficial” director of first impressions.” In case you’ve never met, Val is our receptionist and most often the first face people see as they enter the lobby of our Hauppauge headquarters.

For the past 15 years, Val has watched her responsibilities evolve. Beginning her career in reception and administration, Val is now part of the customer service department and fields incoming phone calls. She has always enjoyed interacting with customers and helping any way she can; it’s what she values most about her position. “The customer always comes first,” says Val. “I’m honored to be the ‘lady on the phone’ who helps them.”

Val believes in the importance of first impressions, and she strives to serve customers courteously and as quickly as possible – even having customers email her directly for even more personalized attention. Feedback from customers who work with Val is positively complimentary, and she finds it rewarding to know she’s appreciated. These relationships, developed with care over the years, are very important to Val because customers always know they can count on her whenever necessary.

Val enjoys greeting guests when they enter the building, always offering a big smile and a friendly hello to everyone. “I especially like taking care of the Welcome Board in the lobby,” explains Val. “You can see how happy people are when they see their name on it, knowing they’ve received special attention.”

When asked what she likes best about ClearVision, Val said she likes the company’s family values, similar to her own, as well as its charitable efforts. “Working here inspires me to give back more,” Val says. She also appreciates working with many people who have a “heart” and that there are so many opportunities to interact with co-workers in friendly, informal ways. Plus, ClearVision’s Opportunity for Improvement (OFI) program is one of her favorite programs: her suggestions for new ways to save paper and recycle more were all implemented. A proud moment for Val!

Let’s all join Val in “bringing our best self” to whatever we’re doing, and strive to make a better experience for our customers and co-workers alike. Take it from Val: “first impressions are everything!”

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