Customer Service Showcase: Veronica Brandel

Introducing this month’s Customer Service star, Veronica Brandel! 

CS_Showcase_FinalCustomer service is not what it used to be. Just ask Veronica Brandel, a Customer Care associate who has been with ClearVision for the past 17 years. During her time with the company, Veronica has witnessed how the department has evolved from strictly “order taking” to being more focused on customer relationships. “We do so much more than we used to, in that our customer service has become more fully developed, making Customer Care a much stronger department,” says Veronica. “We used to be on the phone taking orders, and anything else was transferred to another department. Through training and the growth of our department, we’ve learned. We do more problem solving.”

According to Veronica, the best part about her job is the challenge of solving a customers’ issues. “When the phone call ends, we want them to be happy,” she says. “Some customers take the time to send a thank you email or a phone call, and you know your extra help was appreciated. That is satisfaction to me, knowing I helped that person,” she says.

Besides Customer Care Associate, Veronica has several other titles as well. Customer Service Manager Natel Fagan refers to her as the “Promotions Director” because she keeps track of sales promotions and results. She is also known as the “Social Director” of her department. Veronica enjoys sending birthday emails, daily greetings, and inspirational messages to make her coworkers’ start the day with smiles.

Having fun at work is something Veronica looks forward to each day. She enjoys the many spirit days, contests, and company outings. She also enjoys the family-like atmosphere of her department. “My department is very unique,” says Veronica. “Everyone has their own talents, skills, and ways of doing things. We are always up for a challenge.”

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