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Eyewear…it sure has come a long way, baby.

When I was young, I never looked at anyone and said, “Oh, I love her glasses. I wish I had them!”

Now, I’m sure that was because I didn’t NEED them. But to me, eyewear was just not “in vogue.”

How that has changed.

Today, my daughter wears glasses. There were no fights, no tears, and no aversion. She knew exactly what her first pair would look like. And she could not wait to get them.

At the time, I did not have a catalog readily at hand for her to pore over. So… how did she know what was out there?

Eye candy.

Literally. Today’s media, from websites to blogs to magazines, provide a visual feast for the eyes through eyewear image galleries. And today’s eyewear styles are so diverse – from beautifully designed “objet d’ art” to minimalist, classic looks – delectable designs for every distinctive palate.

She knew (because today’s kids know these things) just what to search for to find these beautiful images of the latest in eyewear fashion. Not only did my daughter teach me a thing or two, but seeing all of these amazing eyewear designs made ME want to wear glasses! (After all, eyewear is one of the “it” accessories these days, isn’t it?)

So why not have an image gallery where we can show off our own amazing designs?  After all, we want you to see what’s on our menu. Browse our images and you’ll see the difference in ClearVision’s amazing product design.  Get a taste of our aspiration to creating designs that have a purpose in the marketplace, in the fashion world, and on your boards.  Our image gallery will help you feel the identity of the brands we offer, reflected in each collection’s distinguishing shapes, styles, materials and construction.

And while our image gallery is great to look at, you’ll see that it’s so much more than pretty pictures. It’s a place where we can show off, so to speak, how our babies have grown.

Mine sure has.

Let us know what you think of our image gallery! What are your faves?

Rachel Rodriguez

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