Welcome to the ClearNation Exchange, our new blog where we can meet and exchange ideas in an open forum. Consider it your 24/7 direct connection to us!

At ClearVision, we’re often asked “what makes our company unique?”  The responses are many: for over 60 years, ClearVision has been serving the needs of independent optometrists like you by offering personal service, quality, desirable products, price-value, and ways to increase your profitability. And through these years, we’ve faced many changes, particularly in HOW we can best connect with you to provide our knowledge and support, as quickly as we can.

But one thing has not changed, and that’s our commitment to you, our customers. We’ll keep moving forward in our thinking, our designs, and our services. And we’ll keep treating you the way you wish to be treated, providing the best possible customer service experience we can.

So in our efforts to remain accessible and responsive to your needs, we’re happy to introduce the ClearNation Exchange. We hope you’ll join us, connect with us often, and exchange ideas, any time you feel like reaching out.


David Friedfeld

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2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Very Nice Blog, we are happy to join and exchange ideas.

    • David Friedfeld

      Thank you for joining us! Looking forward to many conversations. We hope to inspire, just as we continue to be inspired by innovation within the optical community!

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