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PD Kitchen: I Am Titanium

Let’s lighten up for Spring!  ClearVision features two brands with new & exciting titanium optical products!  Cole Haan men’s collection and IZOD Eyes both feature beautifully crafted, unique titanium looks….


Who Decides the Best Mix for your Dispensary?

I recently asked this question to one of ClearVision’s resident business “experts,” who gave me a little insight on the subject. Ideally, the “mix” is determined by three things: Your…


SPECtacular Sightings: Less is More!

Less is more.  Who said so?  Me!  Well, maybe not just me…As a publicist working at ClearVision Optical, an eyewear designer/distributor whose brands are among the most sought out names,…


PD Kitchen

Welcome to the PD Kitchen!  It’s the place where ideas get blended together. As our holiday creations come out of the oven, we ask you to think of your eyewear…


The Global Fit Collection: Meet our own Leslie Edwards and her frame of choice

“Eyewear is a part of fashion; however, I’ve always had a hard time finding fashionable frames that accommodate my wide bridge.  With Global Fit frames, I can wear a stylish…