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June Is Cataract Awareness Month

CHICAGO (May 22, 2013) – There are currently more than 24 million Americans age 40 and older who have cataract, according to the Vision Problems in the U.S. report from…

2013 ClearVision Suns

New Report by The Vision Council Examines Gaps in UV Safety

ALEXANDRIA—Despite the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation (UV) to eyes and vision, 40 percent of U.S. adults do not wear sunglasses while outdoors, and nearly half of drivers do not…

Junction City Annadel Park

Product Focus on Fall

Fall into Fashion with this season’s on-trend, fashionable new looks from Cole Haan, IZOD, Junction City, Jessica McClintock, and ClearVision! Your customers are sure to fall for this autumn mix…